"   I am very happy that my daughter attends UniKids. I'm thankful for the whole team for the attention, caring and delight all children.

Dear parents, if you're looking for the right day care and preparatory classes for their children, I highly recommend this Day Care Center !!!!!!

You will not regret it.

My daughter loves this place.. "

- Helen K. - Facebook Review

    UniKids is founded on solid principles of professionalism, respect, and loving care. We only employ educational professionals who enjoy working with children, respect every child as a person, and do their best to encourage and inspire every one of our children, to make them happy with and proud of their achievements...


About Us


Groups & Programms

Toddlers transition from just observing and exploring the world through their senses to developing muscle memory and motor skills in rapid succession...


Toddler Programs

Preschool 3k & PreK For All Programs

Kindergarten Programs

After School Programs

Unikids _Toddler_Program_1
Unikids _Kindergarten_Program_1
Unikids _PreK_Program_1

The pre-kindergarten year is yet another transition for children, one that educates them in the ways of the classroom, structure, and rules more formally...

The aggregation of learning from age 2-4 is suddenly apparent in kindergarten, as children begin their formal education in this year using all of the previous skills...

Unikids Afterschool Program provides children  the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of activities. The program takes place Mondays through Fridays...

Our  three hot meals a day are cooked from a wide range of ingredients. Meals are always well-balanced and delicious...

We provide transportation to and from our facility, contact us for scheduling and availability. Curriculum-relevant events and trips typically happen at least once a month...

Unikids Food Menu
Unikids Three Homemade Meals

"   Great school, pleasant owners and a lot of great activities for the kids. Highly recommend this daycare.. "

- Lisa A. - FB Review

Curriculum & Extra Curriculum

Educational Curricula and Activities

Music and Performing Arts Classes

Transportation, Trips, Events & Daily Updates

Our Food and Menu

Part of our extracurricular program is aimed at preparing your child for the Gifted and Talented exam. This examination offered from K-3 tests understanding of relationships as well as comprehension of language. An exemplary score on the G&T exam goes a long way, as some accelerated programs are not even guaranteed for the highest scoring participants...

Gifted & Talented


What is the most sophisticated curriculum ever written to a child that is not fascinated by learning? At UniKids, we believe that a curriculum can only be considered advanced if it is simultaneously informative, developmental, and enjoyable. Toward this end, we employ hands-on activities in group structures that make use of various tools, muscle coordination, and social behaviors...

As part of our commitment to offer enriched extracurricular activities, UniKids is proud to announce the launch of our sister company, Unik Music & Arts Studio, which will be running arts classes in our facility. Starting September 2016, your child will have the opportunity to participate in music and dance classes at the UniKids daycare center at 3854 Hylan Blvd.

in Private and Group Vocal, Dancing, Saxophone, Guitar, Piano and Broadway-Style Musical Theater classes at the UniKids daycare facility on 3854 Hylan Blvd. We have recruited Grammy Voting Members, world-class voice trainers with at least a Master's Degree education, Berklee College of Music graduates, and professional Audio Engineers along with Producers to offer a comprehensive curriculum for vocal, performing arts development as well as mastery of instruments...

Unik Music & Arts Studio



FasTracKids offers an immersive extracurricular experience that lets your child sample a little about a lot. This expansive program is completed in four 2-hour sessions per month for a duration of 2 years, and uses virtual courses to make such a vast topic structure possible...


" Ms Jen is an amazing teacher with a heart of gold! "

- Alenka L. -

FB Comment

I like this Day Care! The directors and stuff are warm and professional ! Kids really enjoy it and have fun! A trustworthy place to leave your kids when you are at work!!!!!!!!!

- Armine P. - Facebook Review


UniKids Workshop Classes and Activities

Dear Parents, it is very important to teach our future generations about safety.

* Safety walking rules.

* Safety biking rules.

* Safety gardening.

* Home alone skills and rules...

UniKids Safety Classes

Dear parents, welcome to UnikIds Chefs Club.

We are offering great cooking age appropriate classes for children 3 and up. From basic cooking skills to serious dishes and delicious desserts...

UniKids Cooking Classes

Every one of our children are talented in his/her unique way, let's give them another chance to express themselves and enjoy their achievements. We will teach them how to perform magic tricks and make animal balloons...

Magic Tricks and Baloon Art Classes

Educational Extra Curricula and Classes


"   We are so thrilled that we have found a daycare where we feel that our son Michael is very well cared for in this loving atmosphere. The owners, teachers and all staff are so pleasant and unbeat, they create a really positive environment for the kids, which I feel will impact on future academic career.

They look at each child as an individual with their own strengths and needs. They work so hard and still have huge smiles at the end of the day! I know my son is in excellent hands.

I give this place two thumbs up  and recommend Unikids Child Care and Art Center to my neighbors.


Lana  C. "  - Google Review.

In our art class, we involve children in what is known as Process Art. We help children to explore, create and develop their own original ideas. We provide children with the inspiration, materials, guidance and tools to be creative...

Dear Parents, Unikids 45-minute yoga class will move your kids in a creative peaceful way. A little breath work and some singing. Each week the children will be introduced to many animal poses...

UniKids Art Classes

UniKids Yoga Classes


" My son has been going to this daycare since he was 2.5 years old..he is now in the UPK class and has had a wonderful experience so far.  They are under new ownership this past year and what a difference it has been!! New extra curricular classes, staff is so much more amicable and welcoming than previous staff.  Clean environment and warm atmosphere! Thanks Unikids! "

Regina K. - - Google Review.


At UniKids we love what  we do, and do what we love. We truly believe that lighting a spark of kindness and curiosity in a child will make this world a better place.

Let's change the world together!


I have to say, UniKids is an amazing school...the staff is very loving and kind and they treat the kids as if they were their own....I would recommend this school to everyone!!!!!

- Ess Ailapap - Facebook Review

"   My son has been going to this daycare for the past 3 years.  Ever since the ownership change to UniKids, it improved to be a class above the rest!  Every day they have a new activity, game, visitor, trip, etc.  They also post pictures of the kids every day, allowing parents to see their child involved in the daily activities.  My son loves coming here and we feel completely at ease when he is in the care of UniKids.  The owners are also constantly striving for improvement.  Any concerns or questions we brought to them over the years, were promptly addressed to our complete satisfaction!   I have no hesitation in highly recommending this daycare to everyone!!!

Eugene Botvinnik."  - Google Review.


My son is currently a Pre-k student and has been going here since he was 3 years old. I am so happy we made the switch! From the homemade (hot!) food to the loving teachers and staff, to the extra special birthdays, this day care goes above and beyond for each individual student. One evening we were hanging out at home and my son pointed out starry night on the tv screen and said it was painted by Van Gogh. My husband and I were shocked. You cant make this stuff up. This is a day care that values children and their needs and ensures they are happy, well fed, and learning.  Highly recommended.

- Rita Geladze. - Google Review.


"   My only regret is not finding this place sooner!

Three kids later, with youngest attending for two years - not only did we make new friends, learned a ton, took great trips, but my kid picked up a second language. Great food - deserves a separate mention: soups, salads, and fruits :)

Good and competent staff always ready to help and accommodate. Birthday parties are always fun! Videos and pictures with memories for years!!!.. "

- Julia Ok. -